Ankara Peplum Blouse

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Aso Oke dresses are worn throughout the southwestern part of Nigeria during their weddings. Women’s aso oke garments usually consist of 4 parts: the Yoruba blouse

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African print dresses can be styled in a plethora of ways. Ankara, Kente, & Dashiki are well known prints. See over 50 of the best African print dresses.

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A blog about personal style and fashion Happy International Women’s Day! In honor of the day, I am wearing a suit that exudes boldness, brightness and class and I

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Ankara Peplum Blouse 61

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On my way to the Ankara section I found this Tinubu Square, it’s still under construction but it was refreshing to see it in the middle of that rowdy hot market, I

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Flowers have always played a big part in women’s wardrobes but lately they are really in the fashion spotlight. Designers such as Prada and Moschino have been

#3. Floor Length. Here this diva rocks a plain and patterned candy like Ankara print fabric sewn into a deep sweetheart neck half moon sleeveless floor length gown

With eye-catching sale women’s alpaca clothing and luxuriously soft pima cotton apparel from Peruvian Connection, you have all the style on markdown from the previous

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Ankara is back specially curated for Friday inspiration for slim and plus size ladies in flattering styles. Ankara is perfect in different styles and peplum

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